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Well equipped workshops with all necessary tools, test and measuring instruments. Staffs are trained in all aspects of work and skilled to install, maintain and service customer equipment. The maintenance department is equipped with full transport facilities such as cars, pick-ups and trucks to meet all sort of emergency work.

  • More than 1400 units under maintenance spreading over entire Qatar including Ministry Offices, Commercial Bank, Business & Residential Buildings etc.
  • Reliable Service Tracking System
  • Preventive Maintenance Program as per OTIS international Standards
  • 24 Emergency Call back maintenance for quick response
  • OTIS Trained Engineers & Technicians
  • 80% spare parts availability at our stores and courier services for OTIS spare parts delivery.

Service Excellence is more than what we provide, it’s how we think and act. It’s not just “fixing a problem” or performing routine maintenance, it’s the “smile” in the voice on the phone, the prompt response to a request and the drive to always improve. It’s how we work with one another and how we work with our customers and the riding public.

Safety for All:

Safety and reliability have been Otis foremost concerns since our company’s earliest days. Today, Otis has one of the best safety records in the vertical transportation industry. We work constantly to improve the safety of existing products and develop safer technologies for new products. Otis emphasizes a corporate policy of “safety first” and implements standardized procedures to ensure that every installation and service task is performed the safest way, every time.

Our Products

Our Works

Passport to Quality

To ensure that our tradition of quality continues, Otis employs a rigorous Product Development Process (PDP). Every new product receives its own “Passport” to the marketplace. With Passport, the entire team—from project managers to senior executives—signs off on product quality each step of the way. All major components are tested under the strict supervision of our engineers to ensure a 20-year life expectancy between overhauls.

We perform more than 20 advanced tests on every piece of Otis equipment, including tests that mimic worst-case operating conditions and ones that simulate the rough ride our products might have during the journey from Otis facilities to installation sites worldwide.